Nov 2, 2010

Bathroom Blogfest 2010 : And finally airlines with Gender specific loos

Nearly fives years back I had asked a rhetorical question here on my blog.

Why don’t they have gender specific restrooms on board? If its not enough that there is such a paucity of space in the restrooms – the thought about & experience of using the unisex restrooms makes me want to never get on an aircraft again. I am sure the information on the number of male / female passengers is captured while people are boarding and it’s possible to allocate 1 or more of the restrooms exclusively for women depending on the traffic

I was delighted to find that someone...somewhere is listening. Even it is just a few...airlines have started this trend.

A reuter's press release confirmed that - Women flying Japan's All Nippon Airways will have a toilet all to themselves from next month, with the airline designating one restroom on most international routes as female-only. South Korea's Korean Air has been offering similar facilities.

Even a small change like that can make such a big difference to a person's experience with & how one feels about a brand.

Way to go ANA !

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CB Whittemore said...

Hurray for ANA and for you for highlighting the issue way back when! The Bathroom Blogfest Community is absolutely on top of critical consumer experience trends.

Thanks, Reshma!


plumbing said...

Way to go! Even these small changes are important to ethical concerns. Airline companies should have done this a long time ago to prevent some immoral flaws not only in using bathrooms but in some other aspects as well.

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