Mar 9, 2009

Brands : Making a promise and keeping it too!

Let’s play a guessing game…

We have an international youth brand

They say - they are committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo

Their positioning - Celebrate Individuality in Sport and Life.

Their product line – well…let me give you a snapshot…

What some of their target consumers say about their products?

“I don’t wear their clothes because at my age I want to wear clothes that reflect my identity. When I walk into their store I see very few cuts, style variations…the only variation is the colour…it reminds me of uniform”
“I don’t think they’ve changed their style in the last 10 years…do they follow any fashion trends…year after year I see the same stuff”
Still haven’t guessed?

Some years back they rolled out a new global advertising campaign -- "I Am What I Am" celebrating the individuality they stand for!

A press release that I read said they flawlessly integrated the message of "I Am What I Am" through an aggressive and consolidated marketing plan which includes - cinema, TVC, billboard advertising, strong retail presence, SMS and Internet activation and public relations. Why didn’t this extend to their product line I wonder?

They wanted to make a connect with the youth through contemporary icons, athletes who appeared in this campaign. It was intended to capture the minds of the youth by giving them a voice for self- expression and therefore become relevant and inspiring to them.

Did the campaign work in encouraging youth to embrace their individuality by identifying with their sports heroes…perhaps.

Did it inspire more young people to go to their store and buy their products? I guess not until their products start to reflect the individualistic streak that their campaigns have talked about

If branding = promise keeping…then it should reflect in everything that the brand says or does. Everything!

Last year they launched…a range of clothes that reflect a confluence of sport and style reflecting the edginess that youth seek.

Now… this looks more like - keeping the promise that they made.

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