Nov 2, 2007

On bathrooms and babycare rooms...Bathroom blogfest 2007

I'm a little late in joining the ladies in the loo this year. The bathroom blog fest which Susan and Stephanie initiated last year, has been on this week. Its about a group of women bloggers around the world writing about how customer experiences can be improved around restrooms.

Last year, since there was not too much i could recall about positive restroom experiences in India, I had written about the restrooms at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay and how those were one of the very few restrooms i had visited where one would not feel like pinching one's nose and running out at the earliest. We have come a long way from those days. For starters as a woman I can actually 'think' of finding a decent restroom in a public place - Malls have made life easier on that front. Airports are being revamped and so are the loos. Its a not unusual anymore to come across restrooms that are not only clean, but also adequate in their

Of all the restrooms I've visited in the recent past - there has been one that stands out as the best I have seen here. I found it at a mall in Bombay that has is known for its design that matches international standards. What stood out there was - the wash basin designed for kids. Though this is becoming common in restrooms abroad - it is not something one would spot easily here and certainly reflective of the fact that people have started paying more attention to designing restrooms !

The other thing i came across at this mall - was a bright cheerful place -called the baby care room ! Most places have a small section of the women's restroom dedicated for this purpose though I have often wondered how uncomfortable it would be for women who sit in a busy restroom and attend to their babies. Besides comfortable seating, a baby changing table - this room had toys that older kids could play with and the cushions on the couch were adorable. This space felt like something that was in between what we have seen and know of a typical baby changing areas and the kids play area that one often finds at supermarkets.

On a related note...(though not specific to the Indian context) - I came across a news letter that talked about emerging consumer of which they labeled 'denim dads' and described this creature as

The modern stay-at-home dad is admired for seeking work-life balance. He spends a good chunk of his day online, gleaning parenting tips off and posting his own. He shares musical tastes with his kids, and appreciates the changing tables in the men’s room at Home Depot. many businesses would even think of having a baby changing area in the men's tell me.

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Jairaj said...

Public bathrooms across the Indian landscape are changing indeed. Yet, there are a number of shortfalls. I recall the difficulty my grandmother & mother faced during routine halts at Lonavala enroute to Pune. Besides cleanliness of the room, what about a dry place to keep your handbag! And, a mirror, perhaps!

Even today public bathrooms are not designed well enough for the elderly. I do not want to remind you of the trials of physically or mentally challenged. Its not just the size of room or ventilation & lighting, but elements like floor tiles (given the wet conditions of our bathrooms we do NOT need ceramic tiles!) grab handles or just a place to keep your handbag.

I think the next step is right there ... to design bathrooms in a manner relevant for Indian usage practices.

bathroom design said...

This is a little weird, but can I get involved in this bathroom blogfest (this year 2008)? I've been looking for an excuse to write about the innovative rest-stop bathrooms from the places I've visited in the past years.

So, if it's possible, I'd love to participate in this.

Website counters | Hit counter free download said...

any update from this year blogfest?

baby changing stations said...

Now it is 2009, most of shopping stores are having baby changing stations in both men's and women's bathroom.