Feb 22, 2006

About me and this blog

Through my blog and my work, I explore links between marketing messages, how consumers interpret those messages, the conscious and subconscious factors at play & the role of market research understanding these two divergent worlds.

During the past year - I have focused on using 'online tools' in research and exploring new possibilities in the emerging world of online research. I have been involved with work that warranted - the use of community discussion boards, conducting web based interviews and mining blog data.

An Independent qualitative researcher - when I am not working on research projects I spend most of my time thinking, dreaming, reading and blogging about it. I was most lazy about my high school essays due to which my family and friends are shocked about my interest in writing and continue to believe I employ a ghost writer. Much to their amazement and mine I have started taking up writing assignments on research.

One thing that people don't know about me (and it's a delight to see their reactions) is that I am a hypnotherapist. Yes! I am serious and it's not all hocus pocus.

Email me : reshma(dot)paritosh(at)gmail(dot)com

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KumaRaman said...

hi reshma,
hows you.
i dnt know abt this Blog.
i m new here.
plz tells me the feature of this blog